May 14, 1962

Establishment of Ssangyong Cement Industrial Co., Ltd.

April 16, 1964

Completion of the Yeongwol Plant (annual production capacity :
400,000 tons).

October 31, 1968

Completion of the Donghae Plant (annual production capacity:
1.7 million tons).



December 1970

Publication of the first monthly corporate bulletin ¡®Ssangyong¡¯.

November 1973

Establishment of Ssangyong Cement (Singapore), Ltd.
(sold off in December 2002).

January 1975

Takeover of Daehan Cement
(the annual production capacity: 600,000 tons).
(Its name was changed to Ssangyong Cement Mungyeong Plant.)

May 1975

Initial public offering of the Company.

March 1979

Establishment of the Ssangyong Technology Research Center.



April 1980

Expansion of the Donghae Plant with an annual production capacity
of 5.6 million tons.

November 1981

Won the Grand Prize in the Quality Management Contest.

December 1981

Won the medal for a business exporting more than $100 million
worth of goods.

November 1988

The Donghae Plant¡¯s cement production reached the 100 million
ton mark.



February 1991

Takeover of the U.S.¡¯ Riverside Cement (sold off in January 1998).

March 1991

Completion of the Pohang Ferrite Plant.
(Split off in July 2000 with the new name Ssangyong Material.)

February 1992

Received the Grand Prize for being an exemplary workplace.

March 1993

Won the gold medal for being an exemplary business in
labor-management relations.

July 1994

The Donghae Plant, the Bukpyeong Plant and Ssangyong Technology
Research Center obtained the ISO9001 certification.

December 1994

Reached the 1 trillion won mark in total sales.

March 1995

Received the Corporate Innovation Grand Prize.

June 1995

Completion of the Daegu Ceramic Plant.
(Split off in July 2000 with the new name Ssangyong Material.)

November 1995

Received the Korean Quality Management Award.   

November 1996

The Yeongwol Plant obtained the ISO14001 certification.



July 2000

Establishment of Ssangyong Material
(comprising of divisions engaged in the new materials sector).

October 2000

Attracted capital from the Taiheiyo Cement Corporation of Japan.

November 2001

Received a TPM Excellence Award from the Japan Institute of Plant
Maintenance (JIPM).

September 2008

Equity participation in Ssangyong Slag & Materials Co., Ltd.

March 2009

Equity participation in Hankook Slag &materials Co., Ltd.

April 2009

Establishment of Ssangyong Remicon (Ready Mix Concrete) Co., Ltd.

September 2009

Selected by the Korean Standards Association as the No.1
business, on the Korean Standard-Quality Excellence Index (KS-QEI),
in the sector of Portland cement for three straight years
(2007, 2008 and 2009).

December 2009

Establishment of Ssangyong International Co., Ltd.



April 2010

Ssangyong Slag & Materials Co., Ltd. was incorporated as an affiliate
of Ssangyong Cement.

March 2011

Establishment of Ssangyong ECOTEC Co., Ltd.

August 2011

HanKook Slag & Materials Co., Ltd. was incorporated as an affiliate of
Ssangyong Cement.

December 2013

Took over Ssangyong International Co.,Ltd. & Ssangyong ECOTEC Co., Ltd.

April 2016

Hahn & Co.Tenth Co.,Ltd. become majority shareholders.